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10 Best dropshipping companies in India ( B2B,Free & Paid )

Updated: Apr 8

Why did we decide to write this list of 10 Best dropshipping companies in India? The fast development in online retail business is changing consumers’ spending habits and influencing the Indian eCommerce market. The Indian eCommerce industry is rapidly growing , hence the demand for suppliers that offer quality dropshipping services.

In 2024, the Indian e-commerce market is predicted to increase by 21.5%, reaching US$ 74.8 billion. E-commerce has transformed the way business is done in India. The Indian E-commerce market is expected to grow to US$ 188 billion by 2026 b from US$ 46.2 billion as of 2020. ( Source - IBEF Report )

With this eCommerce growth in India, it’s no wonder that companies worldwide have started paying more attention to Indian buyers as a powerful group. So, let’s dive in and see 10 Best dropshipping companies in India For Your eCommerce Business !.

Table of contents

Best dropshipping companies in India Ranking Methodology

I built this ranking after evaluating the key factors that include product quality, reliability, cost-effectiveness, delivery time, customer service, technical support and compliance with regulations. It involves a three-step process:

1-Research: I started by Collecting relevant data and information about each supplier. After conducting research, reviewing supplier websites, requesting product samples, and speaking with their representatives, I made a preliminary selection of 30+ dropshipping companies in India

2- Evaluate: After Carefully reviewing each suppliers cost structure and ability to handle your expected volume and meet delivery deadlines , I shortlisted 20 + companies

3-Select: After Considering both the overall performance and specific strengths of each supplier, I made my final selection of 10 dropshipping companies in India

A Comparative Overview of Best dopshipping websites in India !

In this section we are going to compare the best dropshipping websites in India to help aspiring and established e-commerce businesses succeed in this competitive field.

We'll examine the major candidates, evaluate their pros and downsides, and reveal the most important things to consider when picking a dropshipping partner for your business.




Launch year

Shopify, Wix , Woocommerce , Magento , opencart , Bigcommerce

Rs 2500/Year

2014 ( 10 Years )




1996 (28 Years )




2005 ( 19 Years )


Shopify, Woocommerce ,


2015 ( 9 Years )


Shopify Woocomm, Etsy


2010 ( 14 Years )


Shopify Woocomm, Etsy


2004(20 Years )


Shopify, Woocommerce ,

No Information

2017 ( 7 Years )

Trade India



1998(26 Years )


Shopify, Woocommerce ,

Rs  17,495 + 8,000 /Year

2016 ( 8 Years )

10 Best dropshipping companies in India ( B2B, Free & Paid ) For Your eCommerce Business !

As the dropshipping business is booming in India, there are more reliable and credible dropshipping companies for almost every niche. Regardless if you want to sell Fashion, jewelry, or products for your office we’ve got you covered. Whichever of these dropshipping companies in India you choose, you won’t regret it.

Women fashion & Lingerie is the most popular niche for Indian online shoppers. Therefore, you certainly won’t make a mistake if you target this segment and partner up with a dropshipping supplier like Snazzyway .

With Snazzyway, you can resell products in many women fashion and Lingerie niches such as Legwear, Bras, luxury nightwear, panties, clubwear and fashion dresses, Customized lingerie and gifts, and more.

Snazzyway provide biggest multi channel one click product import solution . They have over 5.000 SKUs to choose from and import to your online store . Snazzyway offers one click import solution for – Woocommerce, Shopify, Wix , Magento , Opencart , Squarespace, Big Cartel , OsCommerce and Ecwid merchants

However, one disadvantage about Snazzyway is that , they have a very high International shipping charges .

Snazzyway is certainly a very good resource for the businesses that want to conduct business in India only . Their shipping service is usually much quicker then other Indian suppliers . You may also read detailed Snazzyway review .

How much does it cost?

Snazzyway stands out because of its lifetime access plans . Rather then paying every month or every year, you pay once and access to their growing product range forever . You can get started with Snazzyway for as low as INR 2,999/- For a lifetime access .

Why Snazzyway is listed at the top of best dropshipping companies in India list ?

Snazzyway is listed as the best Indian lingerie & clothing dropshipping supplier in our list, there are several reasons why it hold that position:

# 1 -own manufacturing

Snazzyway produces 95% of its own products. The company mainly relies on its own design team, material sourcing, cutting, dying and sewing facilities. In-house manufacturing enables the business to be flexible in the amount, frequency, design and variety of the latest styles they produce. It also helps create a rapid product turnover since the manufacturers can easily keep a close watch on the production process and strictly control inventories as well. The company has the ability to come up with a new style and also modify existing items in less than two weeks.

#2 -Product Samples

Snazzyway offers product samples to help you make informed decisions . It is observed that most Indian dropshipping companies are never comfortable with providing samples. Product Samples give an idea about the product quality, packaging, shipping, and responsiveness. .By thoroughly evaluating these aspects, you can choose a reliable and trustworthy dropshipping supplier that aligns with your business goals and customer expectations.

# 3- 7 Days free trail

By taking advantage of a Snazzyway 7 days free trial period, you can Familiarize yourself with their dashboard and tools . It also allows you to evaluate their integration and compatibility with your e commerce store .

#4- Lifetime access plans

Snazzyway stands out because of its lifetime access plans . Rather than paying every month or every year, you pay once and have access to the growing product range forever.

#5-Longevity and experience

Snazzyway is the oldest dropshipping supplier in India with over 8 years of experience . It indicates that they have likely overcome challenges, adapted to market changes, and established a certain level of stability and experience in their industry.

#2 India Mart

The second company on our list is Indiamart.. However, it’s not a full service dropshipping website, it can help you in finding supplier for your store. Indiamart is one of the oldest B2B Marketplaces in India where wholesalers and retail traders meet each other.

While IndiaMART itself does not offer a specific dropshipping program, it can still be used as a resource for dropshipping in India.

Here's how IndiaMART can be utilized for dropshipping:

  1. Supplier Sourcing: IndiaMART provides a vast directory of suppliers across various industries. As a dropshipper, you can search for reliable suppliers on IndiaMART who are willing to work with dropshipping businesses. You can connect with these suppliers, negotiate terms, and establish partnerships to source products for your dropshipping business.

  2. Product Research: IndiaMART allows you to explore a wide range of products and categories. You can use the platform to conduct product research and identify popular items that have the potential to sell well in your target market. This helps you make informed decisions about the products you want to offer through your dropshipping business.

  3. Supplier Communication: IndiaMART provides a communication channel that allows you to directly communicate with suppliers. You can inquire about their willingness to dropship, discuss pricing, minimum order quantities, shipping terms, and other details relevant to your dropshipping business. Clear communication with suppliers is essential to ensure a smooth dropshipping process.

  4. Order Fulfillment: Once you have established relationships with suppliers on IndiaMART, you can coordinate with them to fulfill customer orders. When a customer places an order through your online store, you can forward the order details to the supplier, who will handle the packaging and shipping of the products directly to the customer. This eliminates the need for you to manage inventory or handle logistics.

It's important to note that dropshipping through IndiaMART or any other platform comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. These include finding reliable suppliers, maintaining quality control, managing customer expectations, and dealing with potential shipping delays. Conducting thorough research, establishing strong supplier relationships, and providing excellent customer service are crucial for success in dropshipping through IndiaMART or any other platform.

# 3 Cokoon

Cokoon is an online dropshipping platform that helps suppliers and resellers by building an automated technical bridge between them, which helps them in reducing the time and energy required to set up a complex dropshipping business.

With them as a supplier in India, you can dropship upwards of 9.000 different products, such as Health & beauty , automobile accessories , mobile accessories, sports items, eyewear and bags and more.

Cokoon is also compatible with all of the major ecommerce platforms and backed by a professional and skilled team . Through this platform, you will gain access to all of our quality dropshipping products with a wide range of categories with a decent profit margin. This place is a destination for any reseller looking for dropshipping products and any suppliers looking for online distribution channel.

How much does it cost?

Cokoon monthly subscription starts with INR 999/- for 300 products access and goes up to INR 10,990/ 30 DAYS for all product access

#4 Trade India

TradeIndia is an online Business to Business portal for small businesses based in India and around the globe. The portal was started in 1996 by Bikky Khosla and is maintained and promoted under the flagship company, Infocom Network Ltd.

On Trade India , you can find right suppliers and if you have a stable number of daily orders and don’t doubt your selling capabilities, you can use Trade India’s wholesale service. There is no charge to join Trade India . Register today and join the group of excellent manufacturers and suppliers across India.

#5 Printrove

Using Printrove , you can design branded apparel and sell it directly from the website without needing any inventory or expensive equipment!

When someone orders one of these items, they will print and ship directly to your customer!

Products they offer

  • T-Shirts & Apparel

  • Custom Stickers

  • Custom Mugs & Cups

While Printrove offers several benefits for those interested in print-on-demand dropshipping, there are also some potential disadvantages to consider:

1- Limited Product Selection: Printrove specializes in print-on-demand products such as custom t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and mugs. While this allows for customization, it also means that the range of products available may be more limited compared to other dropshipping platforms that offer a wider variety of product categories. This could limit your options if you're looking to diversify your product offerings.

2- Pricing: While Printrove offers competitive pricing for their print-on-demand products, the costs may be higher compared to sourcing products in bulk from traditional suppliers. This could potentially impact your profit margins, especially if you're selling in a highly competitive market. It's important to carefully consider the pricing structure and market demand for your chosen products to ensure a viable business model.

#6 Baap Store

This fifth one in our list is a popular among dropshipping suppliers in India – Baapstore . This platform lets the customers put their entire focus on sales and revenue only, without having to bother about inventory or delivery.

On Baapstore, you can find products that belong in categories such as Home & Garden, Fashion and, automobile accessories , mobile accessories etc. When it comes to online store integrations, you can connect Baapstore directly to Opencart. If you’re using another store builder, you can use their CSV/XLSX files.

How much does it cost?

This is the most expensive dropshipping supplier in India , costs INR 17,495 + INR 8,000 EVERY YEAR for the STARTER package and INR 59,899+ INR 8,000 EVERY YEAR for the Higher package.

#7 Jim Trade

Jim Trade is majorly a business directory, but you can find suppliers for almost any kind of product that you want to sell on your online dropshipping store. It has more than 5,00,000 Indian suppliers listed on the platform, who can view and reach out for product inquiry.

Registration with Jim Trade is free and as a member, you get access to supplier and product search, inquiry, and trade alerts. You can also post inquiries for products and suppliers that you are looking for

# 8 FragranceX

Some dropshippers target women’s passion for jewelry and accessories. Such is the case with fragrancex, wholesale and dropshipping supplier of premium. You can sell their perfumes under your own brand name and make profits while they manage the inventory and shipping aspect for you. With nominal shipping charges, you can deliver products anywhere in the world.

#9 Export India

Export India is the leader in B2B marketplace, where online retailers can find dropshipping service providers for a variety of products across India. There you can contact suppliers directly for your requirements and fulfill the orders customers place on your website directly.

Other than that you can find other services related to online dropshipping business, like logistics services, website design, and development services, packaging services, and warehousing.

#10 Dropship Zone

Finally, the last on the list of the Best dropshipping companies in India is Dropship zone . If you want to go kitchen wear products, Dropship Zone is the supplier for you . Its dropshipping program enables you to get low prices on all products, even when ordering in small quantities. They have wide-ranging types of items intended for every type of kitchen and garden care .

it's important to consider some potential disadvantages as well:

1-Competitive Market: Dropshipzone India operates in a highly competitive market, as there are many other dropshipping platforms and sellers in India. Standing out from the competition can be challenging, especially if the same products are available from multiple sellers. Effective marketing, branding, and differentiation strategies are crucial to succeed in a competitive market

2- Profit Margins: Dropshipzone India may have pricing structures and fees that can impact your profit margins. You need to consider the platform fees, product costs, shipping costs, and other expenses associated with running your dropshipping business. Ensuring a healthy profit margin requires careful product selection, pricing strategies, and efficient cost management.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dropshipping Company in India:

Selecting an Indian dropshipping company involves numerous essential aspects. Use these elements to assess a dropshipping company's suitability and reliability for your business. Key variables to consider:

Choice of products:

A- Guarantee the dropshipping company has many products in your niche or industry.

B- Assess product quality, distinctiveness, and market relevancy.

Supplier quality and dependability:

The dropshipping company's suppliers' reputation and track record should be researched.

B- Choose suppliers with good quality and trustworthy shipping and delivery.

Pricing and profits:

A- Compare dropshipping company prices.

B: Calculate profit margins after product costs, shipping fees, and other expenses.

Shipping and delivery:

A- Assess dropshipping company shipping choices.

B- Verify their domestic and international delivery reliability and timeliness.

E-commerce platform integration:

A- Check if the dropshipping company works with Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento.

B-Seamless integration simplifies online business order processing.

Customer service and returns:

A- Evaluate dropshipping company customer support.

B- Expect prompt service, efficient order processing, and clear return procedures.

Finding Trustworthy Dropshipping companies in India : Red Flags to Watch Out For

Finding trustworthy dropshipping companies in India is crucial for the success of your e-commerce business. Here are some red flags to watch out for:

#1 - Not comfortable with providing list of their top selling items :

There are many red flags that should warn you away from a fake supplier, but the biggest is a lack of a quality product. If a dropshipping company isn’t focused on acquiring more customers to buy its products, but rather it's interested entirely in selling "dropshipping membership" or website building package , consider it a red flag.

The foundation of any good dropshipping company is about getting products to end consumers. While selling a membership can be a part of that, income is based on goods sold by the team, not in the recruiting itself.

During the negotiation process, you must ask the supplier to provide you with list of their best selling items. This not only gives you an insight on what’s the vendor’s specialty and strength.. Fake middlemen dropshipping companies will be hesitant to provide you their bestseller product list (They don't want you to inspect them ). These are the red flags which indicate that they are fake .

#2 - No Sample or Product Testing Option:

Customers value high-quality products. If you sell premium quality items, they are likely to keep buying from you. To avoid selling products with inferior quality, you should ask for product samples from the supplier.

However, It is observed that fake dropshipping companies involved in selling counterfeit products are never comfortable with providing samples. Samples give an idea about the quality of products, hence fake suppliers are unlikely to provide samples.

#3- No free trail :

Consider starting with a trial period . This allows you to test their services, evaluate their reliability, and assess their performance without making a significant commitment upfront. Pay attention to factors such as e commerce integration ,Order management , and support this trial phase.

#4- Unrealistic Promises:

If a dropshipping company promises extraordinarily high profit margins, guaranteed success, or unrealistic claims about their products, it may be a red flag. Legitimate dropshipping companies provide realistic and transparent information.

FAQs on Indian Dropshipping Companies

Do you have any further queries about Indian dropshipping companies ? We've got you covered! Check below to see if you can find an answer to your question.

Who Are the Best Dropshipping companies in India , and Where Can I Find Them?

All of the Indian dropshipping companies listed above are trustworthy and dependable. These suppliers have proven to be reliable and efficient in their services, making them stand out from the rest.

Without further ado, allow us to introduce you to our handpicked selection: Snazzyway , Cokoon and Printrove

These suppliers have consistently demonstrated their commitment to excellence, ensuring a seamless dropshipping experience for both sellers and customers alike.

How Do I Find a Dropshipping companies in India ?

Finding real Indian dropshipping company might be difficult, especially for beginners.

All of the Indian companies that were listed above are open to dropshipping, so you may select the one that offers the product range and niche that are most suitable for your business.

The following are some suggestions that we have for you to ensure that you always have reliable Indian dropshipping companies available to you:

Mark this list of the best dropshipping companies in India in your bookmarks so that you can easily reference it whenever you need to; Perform a search on Google for "Indian dropshipping companies " and visit each website that appears on the first two or three pages of results

I am planning to open a dropshipping website in India. Is registration for GST required?

Although obtaining a GST number is not required in order to launch a drop-shipping website in India, there are a few compelling reasons to do so. These are outlined below.

1- To begin, in order to begin accepting payments through your online store, you will need the Payment, and any Indian or international payment gateways will require a GST Number.

2- You are unable to participate in the sales process on any online marketplace, including Amazon and Flipkart, if you do not have a GST number.

3- You are unable to enter into a contract with any shipping firm if you do not have a GST number.

What are the most popular non-returnable goods that are suitable for drop shipping in India?

When choosing whether non-returnable products to sell on Amazon or from your own website, it is essential to take into account the following aspects:

1. The item can't just be a seasonal one; it has to sell all year long.

2. There should be a substantial gap between the cost of production and the price of the product.

Items such as luxury lingerie sets that contain panty, extra plus size panties, and designer lingerie are examples of non-returnable products that can be a good fit for the Indian market. These sets typically do not accept returns. These items are often low-risk and have a high demand, making them a smart choice for sellers because they have both of these characteristics.

Which e-commerce platform is ideal for dropshipping in India ?

Our previous research has led us to the conclusion that Shopify is the most suitable e-commerce platform from which to establish your very own dropshipping website in India.

Shopify offers a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing themes, all of which are free to use and can be customized to suit any kind of enterprise.

In addition, you have access to more than one hundred paid apps for your company, each of which is available at a different cost. Shopify gives you the ability to customize your website exactly how you want it, and you can utilize tools such as Gem Pages and PageFly to customize the pages of your products or any other pages on your website.

Verdict - 10 Best dropshipping companies in India

We think the Best dropshipping company in India overall is Snazzyway, as it has a huge range of niche products and is super simple to use.

If you’ve built your online store using popular website builder brands such as Wix ,Shopify, Magento , Woocommerce or Opencart then you should definitely use Snazzyway as your dropshipping partner.

Snazzyway stands out because of its lifetime access plans . Rather than paying every month or every year, you pay once and have access to the growing product range forever. There are no hidden fees or recurring charges whatsoever.

Choose the best dropshipping company in India by checking how well they integrates with your existing online shop. This will help you to maximize your product offering, and make the most of both your e commerce platform and dropshipping supplier.


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