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Inspiring Shopify Dropshipping Success Stories of Indian female entrepreneurs

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Welcome to our collection of inspiring Shopify dropshipping success stories, featuring the journeys of exceptional Indian female entrepreneurs who have taken the e-commerce world by storm. In this series, we celebrate the tenacity, creativity, and ingenuity of these enterprising individuals who have harnessed the power of Shopify to build thriving online businesses.

These inspiring Inspiring Shopify Dropshipping Success Stories of Indian entrepreneurs not only showcase the immense potential of e-commerce but also offer valuable insights and motivation for anyone aspiring to launch their own online venture. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner seeking fresh ideas, there's something to learn from each of these journeys.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the world of Shopify dropshipping success stories and be inspired by the stories of grit, vision, and triumph.

Shopify Dropshipping Success Story : The Journey of Rashi Narang

Name of the Company: Heads Up For Tails

Launch date: 2008

Founding team: Rashi Sanon Narang

Delhi-based Rashi Narang has always experienced a life surrounded by animals. After being married and moving away to pursue her higher education in the United Kingdom, she returned home in 2006 to a cuddly birthday present: a Labrador puppy named Sara.

She recalls, "I was happy to have a pet at home after a long time and got absorbed in caring for her.

She identified many market holes as a result of her experience as a pet parent. "Like any other pet owner, I looked hard to locate a leash, collar, bed, treats, and toys of high calibre. But the surviving businesses only had a limited selection of essential goods, she says The Better India.

In addition to the accessories, Rashi claims she was unable to locate food free of dangerous chemicals and was unable to read or comprehend the titles of the preservatives used in dog treats. In addition, there were few to no options for grooming supplies and other necessities.

Rashi started creating her own items for her dog after becoming dissatisfied with the offerings' subpar quality, which inspired her to found the company Heads Up For Tails (HUFT). In order to provide goods that improve the lives of dogs, the 38-year-old founded the firm in 2008.

With 41 outlets and 20 dog spas spread across nine cities in Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, Gujarat, Punjab, and Haryana, HUFT now sells more than 5,000 goods. The company made Rs 48 crore in revenue in 2020, and they want to hit Rs 150 crores with 55 outlets in 2021. She sells items starting at Rs 40 for dog food and going up to Rs 20,000 for a cosy couch.

Rashi offers this advice for business owners: "Always be connected to the clients. That is what enabled me to go from being turned down to winning client loyalty and market trust. Building a team that responds to input, fills in market gaps, and works towards delivery is essential. I consider each consumer comment or grievance. I take care of all of them, whether it be logistics or product packing occasionally.

Turning Passion into Profit :The Journey of Pritesh Asher and Megha Asher

Name of the Company: Juicy Chemistry

Launch date: 2014

Founding team: Pritesh Asher and Megha Asher

Childhood friends became life partners Pritesh Asher and Megha Asher were on the verge of bankruptcy when they began a few modest enterprises, one of which being a line of handcrafted skincare products begun with barely Rs 5,000 in 2014 in Coimbatore.

Juicy Chemistry has gone a long way since it was first founded in their kitchen at home with a housekeeper's aid. According to Pritesh, "Our revenue for 2020–21 will surpass Rs 25 crore."

More than 100 organic remedies are available from Juicy Chemistry to treat issues like acne, greasy hair, hair loss, dark under-eye bags, and pigmented lips.

The couple's lives hasn't always been a bed of roses, either. They experienced many difficulties and setbacks in the early years of their marriage. In 2011, two years after they got married, Pritesh, who was only 26 at the time, lost his father to cancer.

Despite his best efforts, Pritesh was unable to carry on his father's manufacturing company for petroleum products.

Looking back on those challenging years, he adds, "I had failed 18 times to acquire finance, to find a partner, to sell off some gear.

It was a challenging time in both my personal and professional life. At one point, it was challenging for me to put food on the table for my family because of our bankruptcy.

Megha began taking bridal mehendi orders to supplement her family's income. She eventually opened a modest store to sell designer garments under the Megha Asher Design name.

According to Pritesh, who sold guest rooms, real estate, and manufacturing land to pay off bank loans, "She became the bread earner of the family."

Pritesh began hunting for chances. "Since I always believed I would take over the family business, I had nowhere to go. I began assisting Megha. I spent 30 days in Dubai looking for chances, but nothing materialised.

When Pritesh looks back on the period of his life when all the doors seemed to be closed, he says, "We considered moving to Australia because we had friends there from our college days, but then my mother had to be taken care of."

Their lifeline was Megha's store, which started doing well. Meha's mother lived in Mumbai and managed the company. The clothes were created there and sent to their store in Coimbatore.

Megha Asher Design generated revenue of roughly Rs 25 lakh each year with a 30% profit margin.

"My interest has always been fashion. I like wearing fitted, distinctive clothing a lot. After being married, I moved to Coimbatore and received many compliments on how I dressed and styled my clothes. That's when I realised I could launch my own clothes line and label', recalls Megha.

"The concept was favourably received, and commerce increased. My mother played a crucial role in this journey because she was the one who fostered my love for bespoke garments. My complete studio was established in Mumbai. She served as the store's foundation.

While hunting for an organic lotion to cure Megha's acne-prone skin, the pair had the idea to start an organic skincare line.

Then, they discovered that items marketed as natural or organic really included preservatives, parabens, and mineral oils. Pritesh was aware with some of those chemicals since his father used them in the factory where he made petroleum products.

Juicy Chemistry now brings in raw ingredients from all over the world. They have distributors in six nations and clients in 35 nations. A lip balm from them may be purchased for as little as Rs. 350 or as much as Rs. 1,100 for hair oil.

They received Rs 4.5 crore in startup capital in 2019. The business has made investments to upgrade its production facilities and install new machinery.

Niche Mastery: The Journey of Tavleen Arora

Name of the Company: French Daina Lingerie

Launch date: 2021

Founder: Tavleen Arora

Tavleen, the Founder started her journey with 30 turtle neck sweaters and 50 pieces of Bralette and Panties . Yes, she started the selling online with Amazon India with just 80 products. She soon realized that she could make a living out of selling on Amazon.. With Snazzyway dropshipping , she launched her full fledged lingerie store on Amazon. Her business dream was finally becoming a reality. But quickly her optimism faded. She just wasn’t getting the volume she needed to quit her job.

Talking about her growth challenges Tavleen Said - Undoubtedly, Amazon high marketing fee and buyer friendly policies are the biggest challenge most sellers have faced, and it’s definitely mine too. I, like the rest of the seller, soon realized that to succeed in today’s competitive online retail industry, it is no longer enough to rely on a single platform from which to sell products. Cost-conscious consumers searching for products, delivery options, and price points that most appeal to and best suit their needs.

She further explained - I clearly realized the potential of my own Brand and website. In addition to Amazon, i also sold stock via my own website . However, my strategy for doing so was not proving to be an efficient use of the time. After listing items on Amazon, i then had to duplicate and optimize these listings on my own website – a timely and repetitive process. I had seen good success using Amazon and my own website , which allowed me to reach more shoppers and build up our brand. However, as the business developed, i realized my approach to selling wasn’t working. Having to list and optimize items multiple times meant that I had less time to focus on other aspects of business, like Brand building and SEO. This prevented me from further growth, and I knew i had to change tactic.

Tavleen continued to explain --- So while my game plan was always to create my own brand eventually, I wanted to get as much hands-on experience as possible before going it alone. Selling on marketplaces helped me to get a solid understanding of the lingerie industry . I also joined Mood booster, which was a young sexy lingerie brand at the time.

That opportunity gave me insight into how a young business navigates rapid growth over a short period of time, which helped me to understand how to troubleshoot the inevitable teething problems that come with starting a business. The hands-on experience was a good set-up for starting up on my own brand .

The launch of my lingerie brand – French Daina in August 2021 was a major milestone for the business. It was a tremendous effort by the Snazzyway team who worked hard to create a product that will make a difference to people around the world, especially to women who are extra plus size . To see what started as an idea 18 months ago as a tangible product in the hands of consumers and businesses is extraordinary.

Talking about her greatest business achievement to date she said --The word ‘achievement’ can mean different things to different people, to some it may be defined by financial success or winning a large contract, and to others, it may mean something such as achieving a great work-life balance.

Whilst having founded and run a successful business over the last three years, my greatest sense of achievement is that , i’ve built our community to over 92 thousand users across India . In August 2021 i had tripled the number of SKUs to nearly 2270. In terms of revenue, our previous monthly turnover of INR 4,80,290 now tops INR 12,22,000.It’s the passion of our users that excites me every day – It’s inspiring knowing what inspired them and how lingerie is such a universal way for women to express their feelings .


In conclusion, the inspiring Shopify dropshipping success stories of Indian female entrepreneurs serve as a testament to the limitless potential and determination of women in the e-commerce landscape. Throughout this blog, we have witnessed the incredible journeys of these visionary individuals, who defied stereotypes and overcame challenges to build thriving online businesses.

To the aspiring entrepreneurs reading these stories, let them serve as a reminder that the only limitations that exist are the ones we set for ourselves. Whether you're from India or any other part of the world, the path to success in dropshipping or any business venture lies in believing in your abilities, taking calculated risks, and persistently moving forward.

As we applaud the accomplishments of these Indian female entrepreneurs in the world of Shopify dropshipping, let us continue to support and uplift one another in our entrepreneurial pursuits. By fostering a culture of empowerment and inclusivity, we can collectively pave the way for even more inspiring success stories to emerge.

May these stories be a source of inspiration for all, encouraging us to dream big, take bold actions, and turn our visions into reality. The future of e-commerce is bright, and with the unwavering determination of passionate entrepreneurs, the possibilities are truly boundless.




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