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150+ Best Dropshipping Products in India (2024)

Updated: Jun 6

Today’s article on 150+ Best Dropshipping Products in India (2024) is brought to you by Manpreet Kaur – Digital Marketing at Headlessbiz. Let’s welcome Manpreet in our blog, and learn from her invaluable experience!

Welcome to the world of dropshipping, where entrepreneurial spirit meets India's dynamic market. India emerges as a center of opportunity for both aspiring and established dropshippers as the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking to begin your e-commerce journey or a seasoned seller looking to diversify your product catalog, dropshipping in India offers a variety of thrilling opportunities.

In this in-depth guide, we'll take you on a virtual tour of the top dropshipping products tailored to the Indian market in 2024. As we delve into the regions of niches, trends, and consumer preferences, you will discover a treasure trove of product ideas with the potential to propel your dropshipping business to new heights.

Why Should You Dropship in India?

In recent years, India's burgeoning e-commerce ecosystem has experienced remarkable growth. With millions of internet users, increasing digital literacy, and a burgeoning middle-class population, the Indian market presents a landscape rife with opportunities. Dropshipping, with its low initial costs and adaptability, is a smart option for entrepreneurs seeking to enter this lucrative market.

Our voyage through the world of Indian dropshipping will encompass diverse product categories, including fashion, electronics, and health and wellness products. We will investigate timeless classics, innovative devices, eco-friendly solutions, and much more, ensuring that there is something for every entrepreneur.

The Way Forward

In this dynamic e-commerce environment, remaining ahead of the curve is crucial. As we reveal India's top dropshipping products for 2024, we will provide you with insights, trends, and helpful hints to guide you through this thrilling journey. Discover the products that resonate with Indian consumers, obtain a competitive advantage in your chosen niche, and learn how to market and manage your dropshipping business in the Indian market.

List of 150 + Best Dropshipping Products in India (2024)

1. Beauty & Personal Care

India's cosmetics market is expanding rapidly. By 2027, it is expected that India's market for cosmetics would have grown by 17%. Women today are more discerning consumers; they want things that stand out from the crowd, are made well, and don't break the bank. According to the IBEF Report, this pattern will persist well into the next decade.

2. Lingerie & Intimate wear

One of those tried-and-true markets that has consistently shown to be a top performer in terms of sales throughout the year is the intimate apparel and lingerie sector. Women and men in India, a country with very conservative social mores and traditions, prefer to shop for lingerie online rather than going to physical stores since they do not feel comfortable shopping in person. In India, the market for lingerie is estimated to be worth 9,700 crores of rupees at the moment and is forecast to expand at an annual rate of 16 percent.

Over sixty million Indian women are now connected to the internet and utilize it as a tool to better manage their day-to-day lives. You can see that the market for ladies' undergarments offers a lot of business options, and if you choose to sell these fashionable items, you will have plenty of room to grow your company into a successful one that brings in a lot of money.

The Best Lingerie Dropshipping Suppliers

AliExpress: AliExpress is a popular online marketplace that offers a wide range of products, including lingerie. It's important to carefully review supplier ratings, customer reviews, and product quality before choosing a supplier on AliExpress.

Snazzyway : Snazzyway is a revolutionary dropshipping supplier in India offering wide range of intimate apparels , women’s fashion apparel and clothing to meet the demand of e-commerce businesses

3. Health & Grooming

People in general are getting more health conscious these days, and grooms are not an exception to this trend. The health industry in India is expanding at a quick rate, and the country has a large consumer base for skincare products, which helps to make this market segment very sustainable.

4. Office Products

It's no surprise that India spends millions of dollars annually on office supplies, making the country home to one of the world's largest office product sectors. Dropshipping office supplies could give you the edge over the competition in this sector.

5. Pet Products

There are a lot of Indians that adore animals. According to the Indian Pet Industry Federation (IBEF), more than 70 percent of dog owners buy grooming products on a weekly basis. This indicates that dog grooming products are quite popular in India. You now have a fantastic opportunity to break into the Indian market for pet items thanks to this development.

6. Sports & Recreation

Considering the annual expenditure of more than $12 billion on sporting goods. There will be more prospects for expansion in the field of sport and recreation as long as India remains a host nation for an increasing number of sporting events. This market could be one of the greatest possibilities accessible for you to choose from if you want to employ dropshipping as a strategy for your company, and you can get more information about that here.

7. Technology & Entertainment

Over ten billion dollars are spent online annually, contributing to the ever-increasing growth of the technology and entertainment industries in India. This rise in population accounts for more than 48 percent of the country's total population. As a nation, India is expected to continue to put a strong emphasis on developments in both technology and the entertainment industry.

8. Toys & Hobbies

Over four billion dollars are spent on a yearly basis on various hobbies and toys in India, making it one of the largest toy markets in the world. Over the past decade, the market for toys and hobbies has expanded at a rate equal to an average of 8% year on year growth. Toys and hobbies are our top recommendation for a lucrative dropshipping market in India.

9. Home, Garden & Tools

Because of the widespread appeal of these three categories throughout India, you cannot go wrong with any of the available options. Another excellent choice for you to consider in the event that you are considering entering the Indian dropship niche is the home, garden, and tools sector.

10 . Jewellery

The market for jewelry in India is highly varied, with consumers spending more than $19 billion annually on jewelry purchases. This market segment is one of the most lucrative opportunities available to those who are interested in beginning a business of dropshipping jewelry.

11. Organic Food & Grocery

There is a specialized market for organic food and groceries in India, and it is one of the most successful industries there. Every year, consumers spend more than $8 billion on organic food and grocery products. Because sales of refreshments, snacks, and beverages account for around 30 percent of total sales of food and grocery items, dropshipping is an excellent option for entering this industry.

12. Automotive

The automobile industry is expected to develop at an average growth rate of 3.1% year on year over the next 10 years in India, making it another one of the country's rising markets. In spite of the increasing attention paid to fuel efficiency and electric vehicles, there is still a growing need for conventional gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles, as well as components and accessories for motorcycles; hence, this is an excellent sector in which to begin started.

Other 150+ Dropshipping Products to sell in India

Electronics and Accessories:

  1. Smartphones and accessories

  2. Wireless headphones and earbuds

  3. Phone cases and screen protectors

  4. Fitness trackers and smartwatches

  5. Bluetooth speakers

  6. Power banks and chargers

  7. Camera accessories

Fashion and Apparel: 8. Ethnic wear (sarees, kurtis, lehengas)

  1. Western clothing (dresses, jeans, tops)

  2. Sunglasses and eyewear

  3. Handbags and wallets

  4. Watches (men's and women's)

  5. Shoes and footwear

  6. Activewear and yoga apparel

  7. Fashion jewelry

Health and Wellness: 16. Dietary supplements and vitamins

  1. Yoga mats and accessories

  2. Massagers and relaxation products

  3. Resistance bands and fitness equipment

  4. Essential oils and aromatherapy diffusers

  5. Personal hygiene products (sanitizers, masks)

  6. Herbal and Ayurvedic products

Home and Kitchen: 23. Home decor items (cushion covers, wall art)

  1. Kitchen gadgets and utensils

  2. Cookware and bakeware

  3. Bedding and linens

  4. Furniture (sofas, chairs, tables)

  5. Home organization products

  6. Air purifiers and humidifiers

  7. Vacuum cleaners

Beauty and Personal Care: 31. Skincare products (serums, moisturizers)

  1. Makeup and cosmetics

  2. Haircare products (shampoos, conditioners)

  3. Perfumes and fragrances

  4. Beauty tools (brushes, sponges)

  5. Bath and body products

  6. Men's grooming products

Toys and Games: 38. Board games and puzzles

  1. Remote control toys

  2. Educational toys and kits

  3. Building blocks and construction sets

  4. Dolls and action figures

  5. Art supplies for kids

  6. Outdoor toys and sports equipment

Jewelry and Accessories: 45. Fine jewelry (necklaces, earrings)

  1. Watches and watch accessories

  2. Handmade jewelry

  3. Hair accessories (hairpins, headbands)

  4. Scarves and shawls

  5. Sunglasses and eyeglasses

Electronics Accessories: 51. Laptop bags and sleeves

  1. Phone stands and holders

  2. Gaming accessories

  3. USB cables and adapters

  4. Laptop cooling pads

  5. Wireless chargers

Customized and Personalized Products: 57. Personalized gifts (mugs, photo frames)

  1. Customized jewelry with names or initials

  2. Personalized phone cases

  3. Custom-printed apparel

  4. Engraved items (keychains, pens)

Kitchen and Dining: 62. Tea and coffee accessories

  1. Eco-friendly kitchen products

  2. Dinnerware and cutlery

  3. Drinkware (mugs, glasses)

  4. Food storage containers

  5. Kitchen scales and timers

Stationery and Office Supplies: 68. Notebooks and journals

  1. Pens and markers

  2. Desk organizers

  3. Sticky notes and notepads

  4. Office chairs and accessories

Pet Supplies: 73. Pet food and treats

  1. Pet toys and accessories

  2. Pet grooming products

  3. Cat and dog beds

  4. Collars and leashes

  5. Pet clothing and accessories

Sports and Outdoor Equipment: 79. Outdoor camping gear

  1. Sports equipment (rackets, balls)

  2. Fitness equipment and accessories

  3. Bicycles and cycling accessories

  4. Hiking and trekking gear

  5. Fishing equipment

Gardening and Outdoor Decor: 85. Gardening tools and supplies

  1. Planters and pots

  2. Outdoor lighting

  3. Garden ornaments and statues

  4. Bird feeders and baths

  5. Patio furniture

Travel Accessories: 91. Luggage and suitcases

  1. Travel pillows and blankets

  2. Travel adapters and chargers

  3. TSA-approved toiletry bags

  4. Passport holders and covers

Party Supplies: 96. Balloons and decorations

  1. Party favors and games

  2. Cake toppers and candles

  3. Themed party supplies

  4. Costumes and accessories

Baby and Kids' Products: 101. Baby clothing and accessories

  1. Diapers and baby care products

  2. Baby gear (strollers, car seats)

  3. Educational toys for kids

  4. Children's books and games

  5. Baby feeding products

Books and E-books: 107. Bestselling books

  1. Educational e-books and courses

  2. Self-help and motivational books

  3. Fiction and non-fiction books

Tech Gadgets: 111. Drones and accessories

  1. Virtual reality headsets

  2. Smart home devices

  3. Wireless security cameras

  4. Portable projectors

  5. Digital drawing tablets

Home Improvement: 117. Power tools and hand tools

  1. Paint and painting supplies

  2. Plumbing and electrical fixtures

  3. Home renovation products

Subscription Boxes: 121. Beauty subscription boxes

  1. Snack subscription boxes

  2. Book and reading subscription boxes

  3. Fitness and wellness subscription boxes

Art and Craft Supplies: 125. Art supplies (paints, brushes)

  1. Craft kits and DIY projects

  2. Fabric and sewing supplies

  3. Scrapbooking materials

Tech Accessories: 129. Laptop stands and cooling pads

  1. Cable management solutions

  2. Portable phone chargers

  3. Laptop docking stations

  4. Bluetooth keyboards and mice

Home Security: 134. Smart locks and doorbells

  1. Security cameras and systems

  2. Motion sensor lights

  3. Personal safety products

Niche and Unique Products: 138. Organic and sustainable products

  1. 3D printing materials and accessories

  2. Vintage and retro items

  3. Specialty food items (spices, sauces)

  4. Eco-friendly cleaning products

Subscription Boxes: 143. Meal kit subscription boxes

  1. Wine and gourmet food subscription boxes

  2. Craft beer subscription boxes

  3. Coffee and tea subscription boxes

DIY and Home Improvement: 147. Home repair tools and supplies

  1. Woodworking and carpentry tools

  2. DIY home renovation kits

  3. Plumbing and electrical tools

  4. Automotive tools and accessories

Festival and Seasonal Products: 152. Diwali decorations and gifts

  1. Holi colors and supplies

  2. Raksha Bandhan gifts

  3. Christmas decorations and ornaments

  4. Valentine's Day gifts and decor

Tech Accessories: 157. Laptop backpacks

  1. Laptop sleeves and bags

  2. USB flash drives

  3. External hard drives

  4. Gaming laptops and accessories

Home Appliances: 162. Air fryers and ovens

  1. Robot vacuum cleaners

  2. Induction cookers

  3. Air purifiers

  4. Instant pot cookers

Art and Craft Supplies: 167. Calligraphy pens and

How to find trending dropshipping products?

Finding dropshipping products that are currently popular and in demand is essential to the success of your online store. You can find products that are currently trending by making use of the following tactics and tools:

Google Trends: Utilize Google Trends to locate products that are receiving an increasing number of search inquiries. You can analyze trends over time and filter the results by geography (for example, India).

Do some research on the market by looking at well-known e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart to find out which products are the most popular or are now in vogue.

Social Media: Keep an eye on user-generated material and hashtags on social media sites like as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest to identify products that are growing popularity among consumers.

Forums & Communities Focused on Specific Topics: Participate in online networks and discussion boards that are pertinent to your field or specialty. Reddit and other specialty communities can provide information about products that are currently popular.

E-commerce Data Analytics: Analyze the websites of your competitors by making use of e-commerce analytics tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, or SimilarWeb. Determine which of their products bring in the most customers and the most revenue for them.

You can get a better understanding of the most recent product trends by looking through e-commerce trend reports and case studies.

Topics and Events That Are Currently Trending: Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of recent happenings, upcoming holidays, and seasonal patterns. Products that are relevant to certain times of the year or events can see surges in demand.

Consider making use of tools such as Google Trends in order to track increases in the number of people searching for particular keywords or subjects.

FAQ on Best Dropshipping Products in India

Here are some of the most common dropshipping questions from beginners and professionals. We can help you start, grow, or understand the dropshipping market. Start studying about dropshipping's secrets, issues, and prospects.

Q- What Is dropshipping? How does it work in 2024?

Dropshipping allows retailers to advertise products from suppliers on their websites. The business administrator sends drop shippers a new website order, together with item and customer information (this can be automated). Drop shippers will then package and deliver orders.

Q- What Is dropshipping? How does it work in 2024?

Absolutely, the Dropshipping business model is legal and permitted in India. If it were not legal, businesses like as Amazon, Flipkart, and Ajio, amongst others, would not be able to operate their businesses in India.

Q- Is GST compulsory for starting a dropshipping website in India ?

Although obtaining a GST number is not required in order to launch a drop-shipping website in India, there are a few compelling reasons to do so. These are outlined below.

1- To begin, in order to begin accepting payments through your online store, you will need the Payment, and any Indian or international payment gateways will require a GST Number.

2- You are unable to participate in the sales process on any online marketplace, including Amazon and Flipkart, if you do not have a GST number.

3- You are unable to enter into a contract with any shipping firm if you do not have a GST number.

Q- Can I start dropshipping with no money?

It is challenging to dropship without having any money, but it is not impossible. Even while you won't need much money to get started, you should still budget for things like domain registration, marketing, and platform improvements. Even while dropshipping lowers your inventory expenses, you still need to concentrate on providing excellent customer support, branding your products, and selling them.

Q- Which e -com platform is best for launching a dropshipping website In India?

According to our experience, Shopify is the best e-commerce platform for starting a dropshipping website in India. Shopify features several free, stunning templates for any business. A theme can be easily customized to meet your company's aims and target market. More than 100 paid business apps are available at various prices. Shopify lets you customize your website, and Gem Pages and PageFly can customize product and other pages.

Q- What are the top dropshipping suppliers in India?

As India's dropshipping business grows, more trustworthy suppliers in practically every specialty emerge. Your choice of these Indian dropshipping suppliers would be satisfying.

1- Snazzyway

Snazzyway is an Indian lingerie, intimates, and other feminine clothes e-commerce portal for women. Using Snazzyway's dropshipping services, you may sell their products in your online store without investing in inventory or shipping and fulfillment.

2- IndiaMart

Our second suggestion is Indiamart. Although it's not a drop shipping hub, the site can assist you find dependable suppliers for your online shop. Indiamart is one of India's first B2B marketplaces matching wholesalers and merchants.

3. Cokoon

Dropshipping platform Cokoon saves wholesalers and retailers time and energy by connecting them technically.

4- Salehoo

SaleHoo has a large database of wholesalers and dropshippers. Dropshippers would appreciate their list of certified providers, some of which are in India.

5. eSources

eSources is a credible database of wholesale and dropshipping providers. Their directory may feature Indian vendors.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, to maximize the success of your dropshipping business in India, you must remain current on market trends and consumer preferences. Conduct in-depth research to determine which products are in demand, and endeavor to provide exceptional customer service at all times.

In addition, do not overlook the importance of competitive pricing, dependable suppliers, efficient transportation, and efficient marketing strategies.

Ultimately, the best dropshipping products for your business will align with your niche, expertise, and target audience. Whether you choose to dive into the fashion industry, explore the booming health and wellness sector, or cater to the evergreen electronics market, your success will depend on your dedication and commitment to meeting your customers' needs.




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