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Shoes dropshipping suppliers India

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Today’s article on Shoes dropshipping suppliers India ( sep 2022 ) is brought to you by Manpreet Kaur – Digital Marketing at Headlessbiz. Let’s welcome Manpreet in our blog, and learn from her invaluable experience!

Are you interested in setting up your own online business as a dropshipper and you are wondering how to find best dropshipping suppliers India , as a beginner? Although there aren’t many companies to choose from. Before we show you the list, let’s mention a few useful facts about Shoes dropshipping niche

Is Shoes & footwear a good dropshipping niche to sell products on your store?

Selling Shoes & footwear through dropshipping model is probably the worst mistake new store owners make . When you are new to dropshipping business, you probably have a general idea about what people are buying these days.

The high dropshipping returns refunds rate on non branded shoes & footwear and tight competition is one of the reasons we classified Shoes & footwear niches as the worst dropshipping niches to avoid.

Why you should avoid Shoes dropshipping in India ?

1 - High return and refund rate on Non Branded Shoes & Footwear

Shoes and footwear category experiences a very high return and refund rate. In fact, it’s the second most returned product group , following clothing and shoes. ( Source - Consumer Survey: Returns in Retail )

2 - Cut throat competition on branded footwear

We tracked a scenarios during 2021’s Diwali season: whether Shoes and footwear prices decreased, increased or remained the same.

Amazon had the greatest proportion of electronics products that offered a price decrease (26.7%), particularly on branded Shoes and ladies footwear . These results also suggest Amazon wants to reach more consumers by making footwear affordable with discounts. Flipkart offered the electronics with price decreases (22.5%).

These findings show that Big giants aggressively trying to protect their market share in this competitive category by offering the most generous discounts.

3- Competing against established retailers ( Amazon & Flipkart )

The dominant retailer directly deal with the manufacturer and has the power to dictate the wholesale price, but the same manufacturer sets the different wholesale price for the new retailer.

4-Competitors undercutting price points

Your customer base is looking for a bargain. They’ve come to your website because they think they’ll find a good deal there. Because the customer is coming in with that expectation, it’s unlikely they’re willing to spend any amount in the triple digits on a single item.

And lastly, branded footwear items , such as Shoes and footwear are already offered elsewhere in abundance. For instance, if someone wanted to purchase a Nike Shoes— which is a high-cost item, even at a discounted price — they would likely go to a specialty store rather than purchase from your business.

Still interested - Here is how to find shoes dropshipping suppliers India

As we've been saying, this is a market segment with a lot of potential, but it's also a very cutthroat one. Finding the best Shoes dropshipping supplier India is one of the most crucial choices that may help you stand out from the crowd.

Therefore, once you've chosen the kind of footwear you want to sell, where you want to sell it, and constructed your online store , you need to start looking into the top dropshipping suppliers in India to work with for your online store.

Finding a Shoes dropshipping suppliers India who can provide high-quality items is crucial, thus it's crucial that you take your time choosing which supplier or platform is best for you. Finding suppliers with the quickest turnaround times is also important to bear in mind, since 59% of customers demand a 3-day shipping option.

1 - First buy the product for yourself and test

Order product samples from your suppliers . Test out the products and delivery speed to build a reliable dropshipping business.

2- Run a test Facebook ad and experiment with price.

You might have a great Footwear dropshipping product that sells well, but if it’s overpriced, then customers won’t buy it. So, test out different prices and see what works best

For example, let’s say that you’re selling a Non branded sports shoes and want to try charging INR 600, INR 800, and INR 999. Test all three prices against each other and see what performs the best.

3- Ask your supplier for Sales copy and ad Material

Ask your Shoes dropshipping suppliers India to provide you the product sale copy and ad material to make your dropshipping website even better to setting up your first advertise campaign to social media marketing and so much more

Can Headlessbiz Help Me Finding Best Shoes dropshipping suppliers India ?

Yes. Definitely .

We source the premium quality footwear items from the best-known manufacturers in the market, suitable for your budget and the business needs. We have tailor-made solutions, depending on your current size and scale of business.

We ensure that only good products are delivered to the customer by employing well-trained professionals for performing quality inspections. As there will be needs for white labeling, private labeling, consolidating multiple lingerie packages at dropshipping companies in India, we take care of those needs too.

We take care of all your business needs. All that you have to do is just place the order with us once your customer places the order. Sounds good, right?




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