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Snazzyway Review - 100% Honest & Unbiased

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Should you be looking for a 100% Honest & Unbiased Snazzyway review, this unique report is going to explain every fact you need to know. why read this review? Because I’m not getting paid to do it. That's right there is no affiliate in this report . I will honestly discuss Snazzyway products , pros cons & alternatives. For now, let’s get reviewing…

Snazzyway is an established lingerie manufacturer and women fashion apparel dropshipping suppliers in India with over 8 years of experience, providing carefully selected exclusive ranges of beautiful lingerie , women’s clothing and apparel .. The full Snazzyway product range includes a diverse collection of all the latest styles of Bras, Panties ,sets ,body stockings, see through lingerie, Bikini bra sets, exotic babydoll nightwear and many more. ( the largest intimate wear range in the world ).

While it’s similar to other dropshipping companies on our list, Snazzyway stands out because of its lifetime access plans . Rather than paying every month or every year, you pay once and have access to the growing product range forever. There are no hidden fees or recurring charges whatsoever.

Launched in 2014, Snazzyway is a platform for dropshippers from all over the world. It specifically tries to help you start an online Women's fashion and lingerie business without you having to stock up products and handle operations .

But, make no mistake. , it tends to favor Indian based businesses by offering free shipping. But, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying they do not ship globally Rather, while Snazzyway covering 75% of the world countries at present, but their shipping charges are way too much high in comparison to Aliexpress. So, in short, Snazzyway is worth considering if you’re planning to ship your products in India .

is Snazzyway legit ?

Yes, Snazzyway is a legitimate company. They have been in business since 2014 and have helped over 4,000 entrepreneurs start their businesses. They they are a manufacturer themselves and keep over 10,000 SKU in ready to ship condition.

Snazzyway Review – Main Features - Easy-to-use interface

Snazzyway comes with a pleasant easy-to-use interface, which has a neat layout, a well-organized set of functions, plus a straightforward navigation framework. Chances of getting lost here are almost nil. That means even beginners should have an easy time finding their way around and figuring out how everything works.

The best way to learn the ropes, however, is paying attention to Snazzyway’s dashboard guide when you log into your account. It comes in the form of a 4-step onboarding tour, which walks you through the core tools on the platform. Once you’re done, you can go ahead and start searching for the perfect products for your dropshipping business. The search process here is fairly seamless and straightforward, as Snazzyway has systematically organized its wide range of items by their respective categories.

Product Range

As we’ve already established, Snazzyway runs quite an extensive lingerie product database, which is still growing with each passing day. You’ll find all the main categories well-represented here- from fashion lingerie and basic to special night products and gifts boxes . Snazzyway has high-quality stuff .

Don’t let that fool you though. A closer look into the whole collection of items here reveals a rather peculiar yet interesting fact about Snazzyway. It turns out the every ingle of its products come from uttarakhand India warehouse,

What does this mean?

Well, of course, that’s bad news for dropshipping merchants who’d like to sell to customers based in other global regions. On the brighter side, however, at least you should be able to efficiently serve your customers based in India.

Another great thing about the products here is quality assurance. Since images do not conclusively reveal all the product details, Snazzyway gives you the chance to experience your selected items in person to get a good feel of what your customers will get. The dashboard basically allows you to place sample orders for any products that interest you. Snazzyway ship them to you for comprehensive assessment and testing.

Importing Products

After conducting a thorough search plus identifying the best products , you’ll then be required to import the items into your online store to kickstart the selling process.

Thankfully, this is not difficult at all. Instead of embedding each product individually, you can simply capitalize on Snazzyway’s Smart import tool and upload up to 1000 combined items to your store.

Then guess what? This entire procedure takes only one click on the Import button. All the products in your import list are subsequently pushed to your online store, along with their accompanying descriptions, images, as well as variants.

Snazzyway Review – Pricing

  • Basic : The basic plan costs INR 2,999/- Only for lifetime access. This gives you a shipment tracking number, free marketing tools , 15% discount on selling price, real-time inventory update, premium 24/7 chat support, unlimited orders, plus up to 1500 unique products.

  • Plus: For INR 5,000/- one time setup fee for lifetime access , the Plus package supplements the features on the Basic plan with PAN India free shipping, COD Order processing, 25% discount on selling price , premium 24/7 chat support, up to 2500 premium products, unlimited orders, and advanced marketing tools.

  • Privilege : At INR 15,000 one time setup fee for lifetime access, the Privilege package combines features on the Plus plan with premium 24/7 chat support, Multi channel product feed, 34% discount on selling price, and free Amazon listing.

  • Premium : At INR 25,000 one time setup fee for lifetime access, Premium is the most value for money package. It offers everything on the Privilege plan along with ready to launch Shopify website , premium 24/7 phone support, a dedicated account executive, 44% discount on selling price and customized shipping bags .

  • White label : At INR 50,000 one time setup fee for lifetime access, white label is the most suitable package if you want to Develop and sell your own brand. It offers everything on the Premium plan along with white label packaging , premium 24/7 phone support, a dedicated account executive, 50% discount on selling price and customized tags .

  • White label ( pro) : At INR 100,000 one time setup fee for lifetime access, white label pro is the costliest package . It offers everything on the white label plan along with Comprehensive business plans and growth strategies for your business , Fashion model Shoot for brand promotion , a dedicated account executive, 55% discount on selling price and Complete 3 month SEO service for top google ranking .

Snazzyway Review – Pros and Cons

Pros of Snazzyway

  • Lifetime access plans : Snazzyway stands out because of its lifetime access plans . Rather than paying every month or every year, you pay once and have access to the growing product range forever.

  • Most economical dropshipping plans on the internet : Snazzyway offers its services for as low as INR 2,999 for a lifetime access.

  • All items are located in their warehouses : Snazzyway doesn’t depend on outside organizations for inventory. All items are are manufactured by them and located in their warehouses so that they’re ready to ship. They focus on providing popular, trending merchandise that people want.

  • Biggest multi-channel one-click product import solution : Snazzyway provides one click product import solution for – Woocommerce, Shopify,Squarespace, Big Cartel , OsCommerce, Magento , Opencart and Wix

  • Product Samples : You can go ahead and order product samples to get a good feel of the quality you should expect from your supplier

  • 7-days free trial : Immediately after the 7 day trial period lapses, Snazzyway offers its services for as low as INR 2,999 for a lifetime access.

  • One of the oldest full service dropshipping company in India : Snazzyway is the oldest dropshipping supplier in India with over 8 years of experience

Snazzyway Review: Cons

Very high international shipping charges : Snazzyway has started shipping international orders., but their shipping charges are way too much high in comparison to Aliexpress

The amount of items other then Lingerie is limited : They have huge lingerie range available but there are currently a little more than 1,000 women appeal items to choose from in Snazzyway’s product catalog.

Snazzyway Review Conclusion

Snazzyway is a good resource for businesses that want to conduct business in the India. Their shipping service is usually much quicker than many of their competitors in that country.

Where it comes to value for money, it is exceptionally good value for money – Now even more so because it’s free…Marketing tools . It helps online stores promote themselves by supplying Instagram and Facebook advertising materials with a proven success record. They also provide reviews from actual clients, helpful media, and Bright, clear and razor sharp product Images with clear product descriptions for each item in their growing catalog.

. They may not be the right fit for companies that want to sell products to consumers in a global marketplace.


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