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Incredibly simple tips to find best dropshipping products in India

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Today’s article on Incredibly simple tips to find best dropshipping products in India is brought to you by Manpreet Kaur – Pro Digital Marketing at Headless Biz . Let’s welcome Manpreet Kaur in our blog, and learn from her invaluable experience!

Tracking down best dropshipping products in India to sell online has never been simple. It's like you are searching for a gem in the ocean. An established organization can have all the resources, tools, and capabilities to do that. But if you are just starting your first dropshipping website with limited time and budget, you cannot spend the entire searching for product ideas and test if they’re potential.

Then, at that point, what choices do you need to acquire five to six digits income possibly? The response is to begin with our tricks of the trade to track down the hot dropshipping products in India.

Let’s dive in!

Ideal product for dropshipping business in India .

Your product is key factor for your business success or failure and it is vital that you invest a lot of time finding the right product that will guarantee your success .If you choose a bad product and follow all other marketing steps perfectly. Meaning competitive price, high quality images, SEO, etc. Guess what happens? Yup, you are sure to fail and lose your hard earned money.

Below are the check list of an Ideal product for drop shipping business.

  1. Should be lightweight (Preferably under 500 grams)

  2. Should be unbreakable

  3. Should be Year-Round Seller(Not Seasonal)

  4. Similar Products Being Sold on eBay and Amazon

  5. Should make profit of 25%- 50%

What dropshipping products to avoid?

There are also certain dropshipping products to avoid, which bring a bigger chance of product returns and a high risk . It is not possible to completely prevent the buyer from deciding to return some of the bought items. And you can’t control it, just because it is a part of consumer behavior.

Having said that, you can keep yourself away from unnecessary returns by avoiding selling certain products. That’s why we have prepared a list of products to avoid dropshipping or selling online:

1- Avoid products like food items , medicines, and skincare. Since they are shipped directly from suppliers, and you have no control over their quality. Thus, you would want to minimize the risk of them causing health effects on your customers.

2- Knockoffs - A cheaper copy of an expensive and popular product. You need to be aware of not selling online any knockoffs, especially on marketplaces like Amazon that does not tolerate the selling of fakes. It applies to other eCommerce platforms as well.

3- Fragile products - Fragile products are worst products to dropship .You’ll agree that there is a big chance that during the delivery period, the package will get some external impact. For example, when it’s on the delivery truck or plane… No one likes receiving broken items… Do you?

4- Saree & expensive ladies suits - It’s quite interesting. Even though Saree & ladies suits are among the popular products to sell online, they had the highest number of returns75% in 2021, according to the Website Builder Expert. This is a tricky product. If you are about to start dropshipping and are not yet familiar with the product cancellation and return process, don’t sell this item in your eCommerce store

5- Shoes - Shoes are among the worst products to dropship. Overall, 40% of online returns in 2020 belonged to shoes and clothing , according to the Website Builder Expert. It’s so easy to make a mistake with shoe size and order the wrong one. Besides, different shoe manufacturers can have different measurements. If you are not ready yet to deal with product returns, then avoid drop shipping this product.

6- Household & Kitchen products - Household items are essentials that you can get almost anywhere. Would you wait a couple of weeks to receive toilet paper or napkins, which are also available in the shop next door? Don’t think so. We don’t recommend to dropship everyday items without providing a unique value or factor.

How to Find best dropshipping products in India:

Google trends

You can always research using online tools such as Google Trends. It has tools such as Search interest over time and Trends. This tells you if the product you’re entering is growing – and you want it to!

For any search query, you can see the growth or decline in search volume over time. Google Trends also has a Top and rising terms option, where you can see the most popular related searches.

It tells you which queries have been growing in popularity the fastest. This way, you know which ones to pursue further for your dropshipping method.

Geographical concentration can help you identify where your customer base for a niche is most heavily concentrated. It also tells you where the majority of your online store customers will come from.

Another very important Google trend it gives you information on is Seasonality. This tells you if the demand for a product changes dramatically at different points in the year. This is important if you’re selling seasonal items in your online store.

More online tools to find best dropshipping products in India:

Facebook Audience Insights

With over 2.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social media network. For this reason, Facebook Audience Insights is a great free dropshipping product research tool that can help you find niche markets and trends. Use it to find useful information like demographics, page likes, location, and activity.

For example, type in any keyword in the keyword tool and Facebook will show you how many monthly active people are interested in this niche worldwide. You also can see how many people are interested in a topic, their likes, and their location.

You can also look at sub-niches, and any related interests to explore different dropshipping product ideas. The estimated size of your audience will change depending on the interests you include, but you can refine this audience by location.

Google Keyword Planner

The best way to measure demand for an item online is to see how many people are looking for it. You can do that using a search engine like Google and its Keyword Planner tool. This search volume publicly available tool is great in so many ways!

Simply type in a word or phrase and the tool tells you how many people are searching for it every month. You have several options for matches, but you should use the exact match option. This will give you a much more accurate picture of the applicable search volume for the keyword.

Since search location is customizable, make sure you look at the difference between local search volume and global search volumes. This is important for your online store, depending on whether you want to sell online locally or globally.


Now you have known some great skills on how to find best dropshipping products in India, let the hunting game begin. A note to keep in mind is that before you choose any product, please review it carefully. If you are about to throw your money into the market, learn by heart that doing a product research is a must.




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