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4 Questions to Ask your Indian Dropshipping Suppliers

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Selling products online, especially selling thru dropshipping suppliers, is a viable way to start your business quickly and affordably. But like all other facets of life, there are shysters and it's up to you to research and do your due diligence when investigating dropshipping suppliers in India .The challenge for you, is to know the signs of a fake supplier. Whether you’re an eCommerce newbie or veteran, there are 4 Questions to Ask your Indian Dropshipping Suppliers .

4 Questions to Ask your Indian Dropshipping Suppliers

#1 Are you a Manufacture, Wholesaler Or Middlemen ?
#2 What are your top selling items ?
#3 Do you offer product Samples ?
# 4 What's your Shipping lead time?

If a company isn’t focused on acquiring more customers to buy its products, but rather it's interested entirely in "dropshipping membership" or website building, consider it a red flag.”

# 1 Are you a Manufacture, Wholesaler Or Middlemen ?

The Manufacturer Manufacture is the person or the company who make the product. In dropshipping, manufacture can offer the best prices if they do drop ship, and if they don’t, they can at least refer you to their wholesalers.

The Wholesalers

Wholesalers buy from the manufacturers in bulk and sell at a higher price to the retailers. Wholesalers usually carry a huge inventory of products from different brands and have their own warehouse .Trustworthy wholesalers can definitely earn a profit for you.

The Middlemen

While searching google, you will also come across with many “fake” drop shipping companies, who claim them as “Dropshipping suppliers,” but they are just middlemen buying from wholesale suppliers and selling again to the retailers for a higher price. Most of them do not own any inventory, have zero investment ,they simply advertise products they have sourced from the wholesaler.

# 2 What are your top selling items ?

There are many red flags that should warn you away from a fake supplier, but the biggest is a lack of a quality product.

During the negotiation process, you must ask the supplier to provide you with list of their best selling items. This not only gives you an insight on what’s the vendor’s specialty and strength.. Fake middlemen dropshipping suppliers will be hesitant to provide you their bestseller product list (They don't want you to inspect them ). These are the red flags which indicate that they are fake .

# 3 Do you offer product Samples ?

Customers value high-quality products. If you sell premium quality items, they are likely to keep buying from you. To avoid selling products with inferior quality, you should ask for product samples from the supplier. However, It is observed that fake suppliers involved in selling counterfeit products are never comfortable with providing samples. Samples give an idea about the quality of products, hence fake suppliers are unlikely to provide samples.

# 4 What's your Shipping lead time?

In 2022, same day shipping is becoming more common so once you place your order with the supplier, they should be able to ship it out on the same day as long as you meet their cutoff time. If they don’t offer a same day shipping, make sure you know how many days before they can ship and account for that when choosing between vendors. Lead time (handling time plus shipping transit time) is one of the most important factors when customers buy online so you don’t want to be stuck with a 1-week lead time if most of your competitors can do that in 2-4 days.




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