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Successful dropshippers in India & Stories Behind Their Brands

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Today’s article on Successful dropshippers in India & Stories Behind Their Brands is brought to you by Manpreet Kaur – Pro Digital Marketing at Headless Biz . Let’s welcome Manpreet Kaur in our blog, and learn from her invaluable experience!

There is something fascinating about reading success stories. I mean, we know the pinnacle of every "success story" all too well, but we still read cover to cover. It's engaging, motivating and worth reading every word. When we think, we are not only interested in success, but in the whole process of struggles and challenges.

We want to know how a brand struggles through challenges and reaches a place called "success". Because without challenges and failures, success stories would be a little boring. If you like the genre, this article has pretty much covered it. We cover top Successful dropshippers in India & Stories Behind Their Brands , what challenges they faced, how they rose, how they increased sales and all the key factors that helped create a brand.

All of these stories have one thing in common - Snazzyway. Not only will we see how these brands have established themselves, but we will also see how Snazzyway & Shopify has helped them to reach the top. Let’s have a look at successful dropshippers in India & Stories Behind Their Brands and understand how they grew and what factors helped.

French Daina Lingerie

About French Daina Lingerie

French Daina is an Indian online lingerie store offering various energy inspired intimate products like Bralettes, French knickers , Cupless bras, see through nightwear , etc. . Tavleen Arora, the founder of French daina lingerie, started selling lingerie online with Amazon India , and gained noticeable profits . After that initial success, she realized that lingerie was her niche. Tavleen used Facebook, Youtube, and SEO to leverage her business. This is a story about how French Daina grew its business and how Snazzyway helped in the process.

The Story

Tavleen, the Founder started her journey with 30 turtle neck sweaters and 50 pieces of Bralette and Panties . Yes, she started the selling online with Amazon India with just 80 products. She soon realized that she could make a living out of selling on Amazon.. With Snazzyway dropshipping , she launched her full fledged lingerie store on Amazon. Her business dream was finally becoming a reality. But quickly her optimism faded. She just wasn’t getting the volume she needed to quit her job.

Growth Challenges

Talking about her growth challenges Tavleen Said - Undoubtedly, Amazon high marketing fee and buyer friendly policies are the biggest challenge most sellers have faced, and it’s definitely mine too. I, like the rest of the seller, soon realized that to succeed in today’s competitive online retail industry, it is no longer enough to rely on a single platform from which to sell products. Cost-conscious consumers searching for products, delivery options, and price points that most appeal to and best suit their needs.

She further explained - I clearly realized the potential of my own Brand and website. In addition to Amazon, i also sold stock via my own website . However, my strategy for doing so was not proving to be an efficient use of the time. After listing items on Amazon, i then had to duplicate and optimize these listings on my own website – a timely and repetitive process. I had seen good success using Amazon and my own website , which allowed me to reach more shoppers and build up our brand. However, as the business developed, i realized my approach to selling wasn’t working. Having to list and optimize items multiple times meant that I had less time to focus on other aspects of business, like Brand building and SEO. This prevented me from further growth, and I knew i had to change tactic.

That's how the brand French Daina was born

Tavleen continued to explain --- So while my game plan was always to create my own brand eventually, I wanted to get as much hands-on experience as possible before going it alone. Selling on marketplaces helped me to get a solid understanding of the lingerie industry . I also joined Mood booster, which was a young sexy lingerie brand at the time.

That opportunity gave me insight into how a young business navigates rapid growth over a short period of time, which helped me to understand how to troubleshoot the inevitable teething problems that come with starting a business. The hands-on experience was a good set-up for starting up on my own brand .

The launch of my lingerie brand – French Daina in August 2021 was a major milestone for the business. It was a tremendous effort by the Snazzyway team who worked hard to create a product that will make a difference to people around the world, especially to women who are extra plus size . To see what started as an idea 18 months ago as a tangible product in the hands of consumers and businesses is extraordinary.

Business growth

Talking about her greatest business achievement to date she said --The word ‘achievement’ can mean different things to different people, to some it may be defined by financial success or winning a large contract, and to others, it may mean something such as achieving a great work-life balance.

Whilst having founded and run a successful business over the last three years, my greatest sense of achievement is that , i’ve built our community to over 92 thousand users across India . In August 2021 i had tripled the number of SKUs to nearly 2270. In terms of revenue, our previous monthly turnover of INR 4,80,290 now tops INR 6,22,000.It’s the passion of our users that excites me every day – It’s inspiring knowing what inspired them and how lingerie is such a universal way for women to express their feelings .

How Snazzyway & Shopify Played The Role?

After Tavleen’s decision to open up an online store, she did some research on Indian dropshipping supplier and which one is particularly the best in terms of quality and speedy delivery. After inspecting Snazzyway product samples , she was totally confident considering Snazzyway products for reselling .

After finalizing inventory from Snazzyway , she needed a platform that can provide all the features and can start their store ASAP, and hence begin the battle between Shopify and Woocommerce.

Woocommerce Vs. Shopify

Woocommerce Vs Shopify is a long-known battle in the eCommerce world. Shopify and Woocommerce, both are extremely advanced platforms and has covered a large portion of eCommerce industry combined. Since both the platforms are advanced and feature-rich, it ultimately boils down to one question when it comes to choosing one:

Tavleen went with Shopify after advice from reliable sources and started digging in the pool of Shopify themes. She picked one of the paid themes from Shopify and made a few modifications around it. Tavleen was not much interested in paid marketing as there was a great potential in Search Engine Optimization. So she chose not to spend a single penny on paid ads and decided to push boundaries with SEO. She believed, French Daina deserves more organic visits than paid traffic. Shopify fits well when it comes to SEO, hence the decision of choosing Shopify turned out to be a good choice




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