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Top White Label Dropshipping Suppliers In India[+Tips & Products]

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Today’s article on Top White Label Dropshipping Suppliers In India[+Tips & Products] is brought to you by Manpreet Kaur – Digital Marketing at Headlessbiz. Let’s welcome Manpreet in our blog, and learn from her invaluable experience!

Are you interested in setting up your own own brand and you are wondering how to find best White label dropshipping suppliers in India , as a beginner? Although there aren’t many companies to choose from. Before we show you the list, let’s understand what dropshipping white label is.

In white label dropshipping, the products are typically generic or unbranded, meaning they don't carry the manufacturer's or supplier's branding. Instead, the retailer has the option to add their own branding, labels, and packaging to the products, making them appear as if they were created by the retailer themselves.

Check out our selections for the top white label dropshipping suppliers in India if you genuinely appreciate the concept of dropshipping white label items

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Top 3 White label Dropshipping Suppliers In India

Fortunately, few manufacturers or suppliers offer dropshipping white label services in India. And here are the best ones:

1- Snazzyway

Snazzyway is most popular private label lingerie manufacturer. Also, it is one of the best white label dropshipping suppliers in India .

Snazzyway specializes in lingerie, intimate apparel, and women's fashion. They offer a wide range of products including bras, panties, sleepwear, swimwear, activewear, and other fashion items. Snazzyway focuses on providing affordable and fashionable options for women, with an emphasis on comfort and quality.

With Snazzyway, not only you have access to a range of high-quality sexy lingerie and women western wear, but you get to resell them as your own creation!


Teaswan can help you start an online tea business without you having to stock up teas and handle operations. They will take care of it all, and you can focus on your primary objectives - Marketing & Sales

You can also brand all of your products with your customized product labels. Teaswan will share you the sticker dimensions of all our packaging options so you can have your own custom sticker/labels designed.

3 printrove

One of the most well-known print-on-demand businesses is printrove. More intriguingly, printrove white label offers the option to brand your products and packaging with your logo using inner labels and package inserts for an extra fee. You may select from a variety of items, such as t-shirts, leggings, hoodies, etc. by using printrove white label.

The Benefits Of White Label Dropshipping

White label dropshipping offers several benefits for businesses that choose to adopt this model. Here are some of the advantages:

1- Branding and customization:

White label dropshipping allows businesses to add their own branding, labels, and packaging to the products they sell. This customization creates a consistent brand experience and helps businesses establish their own identity in the market.


With white label dropshipping, businesses can avoid the costs associated with manufacturing, inventory management, and warehousing. They don't need to invest in production equipment or maintain a physical inventory, which can significantly reduce upfront costs and operational expenses.

3-Time-saving and efficiency:

By leveraging the capabilities of dropshipping suppliers, businesses can save time on production, packaging, and shipping processes. This allows them to focus on other aspects of their operations, such as marketing, customer service, and business development.

4- Flexibility and scalability:

White label dropshipping provides businesses with flexibility and scalability. Since they are not tied to manufacturing or inventory limitations, they can easily add or remove products from their offerings based on market demand. The business can also scale its operations without the constraints of production capacity, allowing for growth and expansion.

White Label Dropshipping Vs. Private Label Dropshipping

White label dropshipping and private label dropshipping are two distinct business models within the dropshipping industry. While they share some similarities, there are key differences between the two. Here's a comparison of white label dropshipping and private label dropshipping:

White Label Dropshipping:

  • In white label dropshipping, the products are typically generic or unbranded. The supplier or manufacturer produces the products, and the retailer can add their own branding, labels, and packaging to create a consistent brand experience for customers.

  • The retailer focuses on marketing, sales, and customer service while relying on the supplier for production, inventory management, and order fulfillment.

  • White label products are often pre-designed and readily available from the supplier's catalog, reducing the need for custom product development.

  • The retailer benefits from the supplier's expertise in manufacturing and logistics, saving time and costs associated with production and inventory management.

  • The retailer has less control over the product design and features, as they are working with pre-existing products from the supplier.

Private Label Dropshipping:

  • In private label dropshipping, the retailer collaborates with the supplier or manufacturer to create custom products under the retailer's own brand. The retailer provides specifications, design ideas, and branding requirements to the supplier.

  • The retailer has more control and involvement in the product development process, including design, features, and packaging. This allows for a more unique and customized product offering.

  • Private label products are exclusive to the retailer, giving them a competitive advantage and the ability to differentiate their brand from competitors.

  • The retailer often invests in product development, including creating prototypes, testing, and ensuring quality control, which may require additional time and resources.

  • Private label dropshipping can be more suitable for businesses looking to establish a distinct brand identity and offer unique products in the market.

Ultimately, the choice between white label dropshipping and private label dropshipping depends on a business's goals, resources, and branding strategy. Private label dropshipping provides more control over product development, brand exclusivity, and the ability to differentiate in the market, but it requires more involvement and investment from the retailer.


White label dropshipping offers convenience, a wide product selection, and branding customization with existing products.

Additionally, having top-notch products and an effective marketing plan are essential for dominating the industry.

Choose a company from our list of the top white label dropshipping suppliers in India, decide what you're going to sell, and then market your products .


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