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Home Decor Dropshipping India

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Today’s article on Home Decor Dropshipping India ( sep 2022 ) is brought to you by Manpreet Kaur – Digital Marketing at Headlessbiz. Let’s welcome Manpreet in our blog, and learn from her invaluable experience!

Home decor has long been a prominent market for dropshipping suppliers in India. This is due to the fact that most items in this market segment are in high demand for online sales and draw a sizable audience.

India's Home Decor Market is estimated to be USD 32.14 Bn in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 39.44 Bn by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 4.18%. ( Source - India Home Decor Market Report 2022-2027 ). The figures are solely calculated for the US market, which is an interesting information. You can determine its general reach on your own.

This is why every general store that dropships will have fantastic Home Decor items. All dropshippers look for home decor dropshipping suppliers in India that offer the newest décor products at the lowest prices for these reasons.

How to start Home Decor Dropshipping India !

Homes are where we feel most comfortable, and the spread of WFH culture as a result of the pandemic has made them the most significant location as well. Home decor is a burgeoning industry as we are all becoming more confined to our houses. If you're a seller looking for advice on how to market home décor, you can follow these steps:

1 - Recognize your niche: Understanding your USP and the items you will specialize on from the start is crucial. It could be general home décor or a specific item like cocks, showpieces, etc.

2- R&D activities: Once you've decided on a specialty, make an effort to comprehend how the e-commerce sector functions, what it is, etc. To make sure you get the most out of it, you need also be aware of the standards for sellers and the cataloguing process.

3-Choose: After conducting some research and development, locate some websites that offers Home Decor Dropshipping India .

4-Social media : Use social media to reach out to a wider audience because it has become a crucial tool in today's environment. Additionally, you can engage pros for this sector if you are unfamiliar with its specifics.

5-Start selling : your product after completing the above procedures. It's important to keep in mind that every seller has an own style, which can change. You must ultimately determine what functions for you and what does not. But this can be the starting point, thus I give you the thumbs up.

How Headlessbiz Home Decor Dropshipping India is Advantageous?

1- There is no need to invest in stocks because you don't stock the item and won't be charged for it until after it is sold and you are paid for it.

2- Scalability: Test items and add new ones rapidly without having to worry about placing large orders in case something goes wrong (which ties up valuable time and capital expenditure).

3-Increase customer lifetime value: By regularly adding new and extended toys selections, you can keep your current consumers interested and coming back to see what new goods you've bought.

4 - Low starting cost: You can start selling without a lot of early investment because you don’t have to buy wholesale or cover the cost of manufacturing your own products.

5- Cut costs: Every time a product needs to be touched in the supply chain, there is a cost. Employees at the warehouse as well as shipping costs are included in the cost of goods sold. Frequently, you will discover that drop shipping a portion of your product line would result in improved profit margins for your company.

Scale your online store with Headlessbiz Home Decor Dropshipping India !

With Headlessbiz you can offer your customers hundreds of exciting Home Decor products without the need to purchase the stock beforehand or have the hassle of storing it, picking and packing it or organizing courier collections and customer returns.

You simply choose the products you would like to sell from indian dropshipping companies, offer them to your customers via your dropshipping website or online marketplace, and when the products are sold, simply place the order with us via the website and we will pick, pack, and ship your orders directly to your customer. Below are some of the most profitable home décor dropshipping products Offered by us:

  • Wall clocks

  • Curtains

  • Cushion covers

  • Lamps

  • Tablecloths

  • Wall stickers

  • Floor rugs

  • Pillows

  • Candleholders

  • Blinds

Headlessbiz Available Integrations

Hewadlessbiz supports all major ecommerce platforms. Headlessbiz is integrated with

1- Woocommerce

2- Shopify,

3- Squarespace,

4- Big Cartel

5- OsCommerce

6- Ecwid



9- Opencart

Let us be your Home Decor Dropshipping Partner

We have a huge experience in the Home Decor trade and our products are hand-picked by our knowledgeable team to ensure that we can offer you quality giftware that is on-trend and in demand.

We believe that anyone can make a success of dropshipping companies India and we are confident that we are the best partner to get you started. We are on hand to support you all the way and help you to grow your business into a success.



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